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Piano Tuning Services in St. Louis, MO

Like any other musical instrument, pianos require routine maintenance to ensure they play smoothly. If you’ve noticed your piano is producing a bright, tinny tone or it doesn’t play to your liking, it may be due for another intonation. While you might be capable of performing tune-ups on a variety of other stringed instruments, retuning a piano is delicate work. That’s why it’s best to seek professional help from the dedicated specialists at The Piano Factory. Take advantage of our reliable piano tuning services in St. Louis, MO, to keep your piano in its best condition.

The Importance of Proper Piano Maintenance

Pianos are hearty objects with thousands of delicate, precise-moving parts that work in concert to produce beautiful music for your family, class or congregation. Scheduling piano tuning, at least twice a year, will keep your instrument at the proper pitch for longer.

At our locally owned shop, we proudly offer restorative piano services. Our tuning services begin at $80.00, which includes minor repairs such as sticky keys. Best of all, we don’t charge our regular customers for small, in-home repairs. We also offer special discounts for businesses, churches, schools, and organizations looking for piano maintenance.

Offering a Wide Variety of Piano Services

When you visit our locally owned and operated shop, you’ll find that our knowledgeable specialists bring a personal touch to each task we perform. Not only can you take advantage of our quality tuning and piano repair services, but you’ll also find the most beautiful instruments for sale.

With every service, we ensure that everything works correctly before any instrument leaves our shop, whether you’re buying a new piano or we’re servicing one. At our family based business, we make a point to treat each customer just like family. Rest assured that whether we’re performing piano tuning or selling you a restored or refurbished unit, you’ll come away fully satisfied. Call our team with any questions you may have regarding our retuning and other maintenance services.

Contact our professionals to retune and restore your piano to your liking. We proudly serve customers in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.