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Piano Tuning in St. Louis, MO

Professional Piano Repair in St. Louis, MO

If you need piano repair in St. Louis, MO, turn to the professionals at The Piano Factory. Our team also offers additional piano services, including rebuilding, restoration, refinishing, and restringing services. If you recently bought a piano that needs to be refurbished, we can handle those needs as well. Finally, we offer on-site tuning within a 50-mile radius of our location. Trust us for service any time; you can even schedule after-hours visits if you need.

Our price for tuning is $80.00, which includes minor repairs, such as sticky keys.

Churches, businesses, schools, and organizations get a special discount for piano tuning services. Churches -- if agreed to a tuning service of every six months, every other tuning is free for your sanctuary piano. That's right -- two piano tunings per year for $80.00. This allows us to keep your church piano perfectly tuned for your congregation.

Fast and Efficient Piano Repairs

When you need your piano fixed, trust the team at The Piano Factory to handle the work. We provide complete piano repairs throughout St. Louis, MO, to take care of any issues with your instrument. Whether you need to replace a broken pedal, repair damaged keys, or restring your piano, our professional team has the experience required to complete the work.

We also provide tuning services, which we provide after every repair and as a standalone service to get your piano back on key. With the help of our team, your piano will be ready for any performance, whether for friends and family at home, or in front of a crowded audience at a concert hall.

Trust Us for Piano Sales, Repairs, and Refurbishing

Piano Repair in St. Louis, MO

At The Piano Factory, we offer a variety of beautiful pianos for sale, as well as reliable tuning and repair services. Our locally owned and operated business in St. Louis, Missouri, is dedicated to offering the finest instruments at lower prices with guaranteed satisfaction. With every service, we ensure that everything works perfectly before it leaves our shop, whether you're buying a used piano or servicing your own.

We offer piano sales throughout the country, selling a wide range of instruments, including vintage pianos, spinets, consoles, and studios. We also specialize in restoring your instruments, with pick-up and delivery services in our immediate market. No matter what your needs, we offer a personal touch with every service we provide. Your needs come first at our family-based business, and we treat you just like a family member. Please visit us for pricing information, but we recommend you contact us before your visit to check our availability.

Breathe New Life into Your Classic Instrument

Do you have an old piano that once sounded amazing? If so, with our piano refurbishment services, we can restore your instrument and have it making beautiful music once again. Our experienced restoration team will take your classic or vintage piano and restore it to its former glory so that it will sound as good as it did when it was brand new. This restoration also includes refreshing the appearance of your instrument so that it will look as good as it plays.

Contact us when you need piano repair, refurbishment, or tuning services for your instrument.
We proudly serve St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Trust the professionals at The Piano Factory to repair, tune, restore your player piano, or even sell you a used piano from our inventory.